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She is FIERCE! *We’re so excited to announce that we are coming out with a BRAND new collection of Tees, called “FIERCE”, in August. Did you know that God wants us to be BOLD in our faith, walk IN CONFIDENCE, + lean on HIM to fight our battles?! In Romans 16:4, Deborah led the armies of Israel to VICTORY! She literally “risked her neck” to save Pauls life. She was so BOLD + COURAGEOUS, I believe, because she was a student of the Word, and was ‘grounded’ in Jesus. *A ‘FIERCE’ WOMAN:-She’s ROOTED in Christ, and doesn’t lean on man for her value.-She’s got a GRATEFUL heart + is ruled by peace.-She’s willing to BATTLE for a ‘cause + will fight for those around her.-She’s a true ENCOURAGER + DEFENDS the helpless.-She’s HONEST + KIND.-She’s CONFIDENT, yet HUMBLE + walks in such a way that she inspires others to be MORE + to be all that they can be IN CHRIST.*YOU, my dear are beautifully FIERCE. We cannot wait for you to wear your “Fierce” in the new line coming out in August 2019.